Wealth Frequency Summit

Join me and my incredible guests at the Wealth Frequency Summit!

Each day, a new expert will bring you tips and tricks you can implement in your life and business to help you step into a life of true abundance and freedom.

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Welcome to The Wealth Frequency Summit. 

It’s so good to have you here — I’m Lisa Holtan, Money Mindset and business coach. 

I want to officially invite you to join me, as I interview experts from around the world on the steps they’ve taken to create a lifestyle of true freedom and wealth. 

If you’re new to me  —

I help entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs go from a lack mindset to fully living in divine abundance, by  supporting you as you break through old money stories, step into your abundance and create ideas on how you can grow your business to build you the life you love. 

The Wealth Frequency Summit is an invitation to embody the frequency of wealth in 5-days, regardless of where you’re at in your biz.

You will be able to extract the very things we’ve done to create abundance in our lives and how we are living a life of divine abundance and freedom. 

Between December 28-Jan 1, you’ll have access to short and potent video interviews that will deliver impactful stories, tips, and actionable strategies to build a life and business of abundance.

All you have to do to gain free access is pop in your name, your email, click ‘yes, I’m in!’ → and I will email you all the important details.  I can’t wait to share these interviews with you… they are SO powerful…